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You need to have the right person or persons coding your claims. Too many dealers use the warranty books they purchase from Toyota. If you use them you are wasting a lot of time just looking up the labor ops and normally missing available repair time. They require constant updating and are prone to error by the untrained or semi-trained users.The major computer systems provide warranty coding software in their packages. For the most part they work okay but normally are not current, don't offer any helpful hints to maximize your allowable repair times.You need to have something called Fixed-ops Warranty time Guide. It is a stand alone internet based application that was written by a Master Toyota Service manager to make sense out of coding warranty claims. It's up to date, offers repairs from 1996 to present. It contains the following information:

If your present system of coding or submitting warranty repairs through CPS requires frequent corrections or time charge backs to technicians then you need some assistance. That assistance can be in the form of just using the Fixed-ops Warranty Coding program, some retraining of you staff to give them a better understanding of the process ( remember Toyota warranty training will not tell you all you need to know, only what they want you to know).If you feel you need some help or at least some questions answered please give me a call I can probably help or reinforce your feelings that you have a good system in place.

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