The Toyota Warranty policy is one of the best and some think the easiest to administer.  All it takes is flipping through the many pages in the Warranty Coding books (boring) or using the state of art Fixed-ops Warranty Coding program now being used by over 450 Toyota dealers.

When you finish closing out a repair order, if it has a warranty repairs; your in-house computer system will place that information in a file available to be used with Toyota’s CPS claim processing program.  If all the steps up to this point were done correctly, the claim will be submitted and paid so all is good. 
The problems arise when the claim is not paid the first time.  Finding the cause or the time to resubmit the correction delays the payments or even worse the claim is never resubmitted at all.
What many dealers don’t realize is that an efficient warranty claim submission process does not happen by chance.  A good warranty administrator is hard to come by and even harder to hire and train.  The Toyota products are being built better and therefore less warranty repairs need to be performed.  The cost to maintain a full-time warranty administrator, in all but the larger dealers, is becoming cost prohibitive.
This is where I come in.  I have over 16 years managing Toyota service departments.  I have attained the highest levels of certification and developed the Fixed-ops Warranty Coding program, which makes common sense of the warranty op-code coding.  I have become a student of the Toyota Warranty claim processing and have become one of the more knowledgeable people in this field.
I don’t process warranty claims offsite but I am available to come to your dealership and train your existing or new warranty administrator, clean up old claims and get systems in place to prevent lost dollars and get on the good side of Toyota regarding warranty expenses.

Whatever your dealership size if you want to maximize your warranty profits please contact me to find out how I can help.

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